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Feedback Guidelines

All comments are screened and will remain so permanently; Dreamwidth allows for screened threads to be seen and responded to by the owner of the journal as well as the (logged-in) poster without unscreening, so threads here are kept completely private between you and the mods.

• We've tried to foster an open and trusting environment where you can feel comfortable bringing your concerns to our attention directly; anything private that's shared with us will always remain strictly confidential. However, we do also accept some general anonymous feedback about the game here. Since we keep all discussions screened, it's advisable to use a sockpuppet journal if you want to discuss an issue anonymously versus if you'd just like to leave one-off feedback.

• Any issues regarding another player posted anonymously or under a sockpuppet account will be ignored, however; we don't feel comfortable taking action against a player based solely on anonymous feedback as this is too prone to abuse, so always be sure to post about these kinds of issues logged-in.

• Please keep general questions about plots in the posts designed with that purpose in mind instead of here. If the issue you have with the plot is of a personal or sensitive nature and requires delicate handling, you're free to contact us privately here (or through other methods.) Otherwise, we'd prefer to keep plot discussion threads in the plot posts themselves so other players can see and benefit from them.

• If you want to discuss something with us privately using another method (or you're directed to contact us privately in some other fashion in a response,) you can find out how to do that at the Mod contact information page.

• Like every other game space, mutual respect is the order of the day. Please be polite when offering feedback and we will respond in kind; keep criticism constructive and we'll discuss it and take it into consideration. Vitriolic, 'wankbait' type posting will always be deleted without a response.